Cover Art for "A Walk in the Park" - a short story

As my mad scientist experiment with self publishing and writing continues, I have decided to release two short stories bundled together on Kindle Direct Publishing. Decision made, I set out to transfer my stories via Scrivener into the adequate mobi format (native to Kindle) and get a cover made.

I'm thrilled to announce that the cover art is done, thanks to the fabulous Laurie Hardjowirogo. The story will be released early next week (I apologize for my vagueness but this is all new to me, and I'm basically going with the flow on this one). I will, of course, announce, once the short story is live on Amazon.

Below is the description for the two stories, as it will appear on the Amazon page:

A Walk in the Park is a collection of two fantasy/magic realism/science fiction stories. The title story is set in New York City. Adriana, a sleep deprived woman with a serious case of writer’s block is roaming Central Park at night when she has a surreal encounter with a magnificent creature from another universe.

The bonus story, One Memory, is set on a tropical island that serves as a virtual prison. X, incarcerated for the murder of his wife, is sick of living with a blank mind and only the other inmates for company. As he tries to escape the island, his resolve is tested to the extreme.

These two inspiring and unsettling tales have a combined length of 5200 words, or about 21 book pages. 

Cover Credits: ©
Cover design by Laurie Hardjowirogo

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