Revolution Blues

The Revolution Blues is HERE! Thank you thank you to my vocalist friends who enthusiastically jumped on board to be a part of my little project, and to Walter Fischbacher and Ulf Stricker, who donated their time and considerable musical talents as well. I am so grateful to at least be able to to THIS. Enjoy a little Jazz Resistance, and please feel free to share widely.

Written and produced by Elisabeth Lohninger. 

Voices: Eliane Amherd, Kate Baker, La Tanya Hall, Beat Kaestli, Elisabeth Lohninger, Audrey Martells, Steven Santoro, Melissa Stylianou.

Piano/bass: Walter Fischbacher

Drums: Ulf Stricker

Copyright: Lofish Music.

Another Earth - Lohninger & Fischbacher

It appears that my new song is as timely as ever, especially considering the actions of this government and the fact that we have climate change deniers at the helm of it. We have to protect this Earth. It's the only one we have.