Birthday Girl - live video now on Youtube

Here it is: the first of two songs I recorded/videotaped live at Lofish Studios with my band. This one is called "Birthday Girl", it's a new song of mine hitherto unreleased. It will very likely make it onto my next album, slated to be recorded in 2014, but so far, this video recording is its first glimpse of the big, wide world (apart from the live shows). Watch it/check out the lyrics below! Stay tuned for the second song from that session, "Such Is This Love", which will be released in a few weeks. To view my Youtube channel, please click here: Elisabeth Lohninger Youtube Channel

Elisabeth Lohninger - voice/words/music
Walter Fischbacher - piano
Evan Gregor - bass
Jordan Perlson - drums

MP Kuo - audio engineer
Blake Drummond - video editing
Kathryn Ourlian - lighting/video assistant

Recorded/shot at Lofish Studios, NYC

Birthday Girl

The morning dawned, and it was gonna be a beautiful day
Butterflies were nipping at your heart
And you had trouble keeping them at bay
A smile was on the verge of bursting onto your face
And like a foolish child you pressed your nose
Against the window of your special day

But extraordinary things
Are carried on fragile wings
And the slightest winds of change
Aan blow them away

Birthday Girl
You wanted love
But the more things change
The more they stay the same

You thought he might be stopping by with flowers or a rose
Or send a kiss on rushing clouds to touch your cheek
And say hello
But as the day wore on your fancies left you one by one
He would never be what you had dreamed
And you were still one of the lucky ones

So you tucked your smile away
For another rainy day
And went back to work
On being OK

Birthday Girl
You wanted love
But the more things change
The more they stay the same

© 2013 Elisabeth Lohninger. All Rights Reserved