Christmas in June

For the last few days I've been sitting in my cave, sorting through and transcribing Christmas songs. And it is WEIRD! At a time when the sun is working hard to bring the pavement to a boil, electricity bills shoot to a place where the sky's the limit and beaches beckon with a promise of unrelenting r&r, I am holed up with my trusty youtube listening to "Jingle Bells" in Japanese. And some tune in Danish. And Swedish. In the end this vastly disparate collection of tunes will hopefully gel into some sort of "Gesamtkunstwerk" that we'll unleash on unsuspecting audiences come Christmas. But for now I am resisting the pull of "Petit Papa Noel" and "Vom Himmel hoch ihr Englein kommt". Such is the nature of the business though. You want to tour with a Christmas project containing songs from all over the world on the topic? Put your nose to the grindstone, wade through the molasses of gooey fare and find the nugget that will, 6 months from now, express a precious aspect of a holiday that, at this very moment, you really couldn't care less about.

The Ghost of a Driver

What goes through the mind of a guy who drives 90 miles an hour on the highway in the wrong direction? "Why is everybody insane?!?"
The guy in question slammed his pedal to the metal in a sports car on the road to Prague. When the police finally caught up with him, he had managed to cause seven accidents, miraculously none of them with severe casualties. Apparently he was completely high on something or other.
I was not there to witness this. My husband was. Him and his bus load of musicians happened to have just pulled back into the right lane, when the maniac sped past them.
My husband was on the wheel.
There is absolutely nothing funny about this, but Walter managed to find the upside to the situation in his second e-mail after the fact. He claims that, statistically, he is exceedingly unlikely to encounter a ghost driver for the next twenty years.
Phew, I feel loads better now.