"A Walk in the Park" Now Available on Amazon!!!

Yes, it has happened! After a couple of false starts my very first e-book is now available on Amazon.com! Needless to say I am immensely happy about it.

There is so much to learn in this whole e-book self publishing arena, and I am thrilled for every obstacle that I overcome, every new lesson I learn. Oh, the formatting, the cover, the uploading, the blurb!

To celebrate this very first e-book release I am giving A Walk in the Park away for free on Mother's Day and Mother's Monday. Instead of flowers, give the gift of freaky stories! You know it makes sense, don't you?

Make sure to swing by here to pick up your free copy tomorrow.

Below I am posting the first paragraph of each of the 2 short stories contained in this book. Enjoy, spread the love, and, if you like, leave a review on Amazon.

Regarding news for my full-length Urban Fantasy novel Billie Lupescu: Wormhole I am glad to say that I have entered the editing stage. At the moment it clocks in just shy of 300 pages. I am shooting for a release on that one latest by the end of the summer, so stay tuned for updates.

A Walk in the Park

The creature came out of nowhere. I was taking a late night stroll through Central Park. Once again sleep eluded me, and my restless spirit would not abide a full night indoors. The moon had just set. The only light in the park came from a handful of feeble street lamps and the stars high up in the sky. It was a warm night, without a breeze to ease the humidity that was already blanketing the city, the oppressive herald of a full-fledged summer.

Without warning the dead leaves on the side of the pathway erupted in a mini tornado. 

I stopped. I stared. 
Saw nothing but the usual side-of-the-road bouquet of trash, dirt, and sticks. My imagination was getting the better of me— again. I chalked what I had seen up to my massive lack of sleep in recent days and pressed on. 
“Please do not be afraid of me."

Bonus Story:
One Memory

The only memory I have left is that of my wife convulsing on the kitchen floor, the blood from her slit throat staining the linoleum, the serrated knife clattering from my bloodied hands. The rest of my history is a tingling echo, like an amputated limb that shudders you awake at night with its phantom pain. Apart from that I am a clean slate. I exist in the moment only, with no future on the horizon, and the worst thing I have ever done, planted into my brain to keep me company.

© 2013 Elisabeth Lohninger. All Rights Reserved.

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