Licensing - a little bit tricky but not that hard

On Saturday I successfully sent off my new CD to the duplicator, after a whole day of detective work on obtaining mechanical licenses for the songs I'm covering on my new CD. Most of them were fairly easy, but then there was that elusive Beatles tune. The Beatles song book has been sold and auctioned off more times than I cared to know before I ventured into this publishing mess. And part of me wanted to not even bother digging any deeper, but I felt compelled to track down the licensing people in essence for purely egotistical reasons - good karma. I believe in the protection of intellectual property. If ever somebody would like to cover one of my songs and include them on their record, I would, of course, feel deeply honored. AND I would like to be paid for it. So I'm just hoping that if that day comes there will still be a viable version of Intellectual Property protection in existence, and there will be those who respect another person's creative output enough to go through the motions. So there. Now I'm still waiting to hear back from HFA on that last, elusive tune...

Sometimes I dream music...

and if only I could wake up in time, I feel like I could write it down. I have dreamed the sound of my next record. Immediately after I woke up a question popped into my head: "How on Earth am I gonna pull THAT off?!?" So maybe this sound is of a project a little bit further down the line, but I found it beautiful, intriguing. It might also be that these sound-filled dreams really simply help me keep going, to keep whittling away at that sound, that ephemeral quality of beauty, sadness and power. There is always more to strive for, an effort to be more precise in what it is I am trying to express. An evolving toward clarity, removing one delusional veil at a time. Now that makes my heart sing...

My name is just a jumble of letters

Staring long enough at my name, going through font after font, looking for just the right one to convey - well - modern, jazzy, classy, sad (because of the title of the new CD) but not defeated, strong and yet vulnerable, to make it fit in with the picture I finally chose after agonizing over which way to go with the cover design for weeks, making it a bit larger, a bit smaller, a bit lighter or darker, grayer, less gray, with or without raindrops in the backdrop of the picture, sooner or later I arrive at the moment, where I have stared at my name long enough for it to lose any meaning. For it to look utterly wrong in any context. What an odd word - Lohninger - what does it mean, if anything? (I await your letters...)

Czech Republic ten times please! (prosim...)

As I was sitting on my plane back to New York, I looked at all the pictures I had taken with my Blackberry throughout the last ten days. Ten days of essentially the same routine of
a) Arrive at new town
b) Check in at hotel
c) Unload van, set up PA (we travel with a full sound system, because we are REALLY picky about sound)
d) Do sound check
e) Go to hotel, take quick nap, do yoga, gargle, warm up, get dressed, put my face on
f) Perform
g) Chill out a little with beer (for the band members) and water or (gasp!) tea (for me)
h) Break down PA
i) Go to hotel, gargle, take face off, go to bed
j) Get up the next morning, have breakfast, check out
k) Load van

This is what we dream of, when we are children. Being on the road and just DOING IT. Of course you never think about how hard this actually is. But that's ok. It's also ok not to tell anybody how hard it is, that would kind of destroy the image of the free bird who is allowed to express herself on stage every night with the audience looking on and bringing their own dreams, hopes and yearnings to the music.

As I was looking back at the last ten days in pictures I was in fact overcome by an immense gratitude. I get to do this. I get to go on the road, experience what it is like to BE on the road, warts and all. I get to feel the elation and deep exhaustion, the desperate need for a cup of coffee, the terrible, panic inducing fragility of being a vocalist on the road, and, most of all, the sharing of music. I am privileged. I am deeply grateful. I am so doing this again!