Today was Christmas for me! Again! I am thoroughly excited by the fact that, as I came to the studio today, four boxes of freshly printed CDs were waiting for me! The artwork looks amazing in print, and the CDs do actually play the intended songs!

This album was recorded earlier this year, while I was trekking through the Czech Republic with my magnificent band:

Walter Fischbacher, piano
Petr Dvorsky, bass
Ulf Stricker, drums

The songs included in this recording are live renditions of previously recorded material as well as tunes that so far had not made it onto an album. You can get a little taste of the live recording here:

Official release date of "Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet: LIVE" is November 1st, it will be available through my website at and At this point I've opted for a physical release only. I might change my mind down the line, but for now, go get the CD! The artwork by Caras Ionut is well worth the wait! Not to mention the music :)