Holy Mold!!!

And with a mighty bang mold season hath descendeth. Lucky for mold allergy sufferers such as myself there are two kinds of mold that tend to propagate this time of year: The ones that thrive in the kind of wet, humid mess that we're enduring today, and the ones that need a fresh breeze of dry wind around their private parts to take flight and soar into your nasal passages.

So, either way: if you live in New York City this time of year and your body isn't jellin' with the moldy bits in the air, you're royally fracked.

However, I have collected a yummy team of health practitioners that assist me in making it through mold season somewhat unblighted in order to proceed straight into cold season, otherwise known as winter. These are some of the tips they gave me, which I am now passing on to you:

My chiropractor recommends a mixture of Vitamin C (1000mg), bioflavonoids and Stinging Nettle to strengthen your body at the cellular level, so that the pesky histamines can't mess with your mast cells.

My allergist is fond of Nasalcrom, a spray that also keeps allergens from reaching the mast cells, so fewer histamines are released. You have to start using it several weeks before the allergy season starts for it to take any effect though.

And as always, don't take my word for any medical/vitamin/supplement advice but talk to your doctor/health practitioner before making any changes to our routine.

Happy fall everybody!