Humidiflyer for the Traveling Vocalist? Absolutely!

Last December I undertook the most amount of flying within a short period yet: New York - Frankfurt - Tokyo - Munich - New York. Needless to say that, as a paranoid vocalist, I was concerned about the effects of so much flying on my voice. Like every other vocalist on the planet I have suffered through the aftereffects of flying. Especially after a transatlantic flight, the voice feels dry and scratchy and generally doesn't arrive wherever I am until at least 24 hours and several gallons of water later.

Then a friend posted something about Humidiflyer on facebook. I thought it was interesting but also stupid. Who would want to wear a mask that makes you look like you're in the final stages of some horrible disease or out to scare small children for 8 or 10 or 20 hours?

But as the trip loomed I decided to hell with scruples about vanity and questioning looks and ordered me one of these things. It does truly look horrifying but once I got past that it did  improve my overall well being during and after the flight. None of the horrible papery feeling in my throat, the hoarseness and dryness that always comes with a long flight. In fact, I had contracted a coughy/hoarseness-y virus 2 days before I left and was somewhat freaked out about it. I mean, who wants to fly halfway around the world and not be able to sing, once there? But because the Humidiflyer mask captures the moisture of one's own breath and filters the 'fresh' air one breathes in, my cough actually improved during the flight.

Here are some facts about the Humidiflyer mask:
  • One mask covers you for 100 hours of flying. After that you have to buy a new mask, or you can also buy them in larger quantities
  • You can't just get a replacement filter for the mask (I asked the man himself, Paul Aberhart, about it, and it's just not in the cards)
  • You can order the Humidiflyer mask here: They have distributors in various places. I got mine within 2 days. 
  • One mask costs about $57 (US), including delivery.  Price goes down if you buy 3 or more at once.
So, if you are a frequent flyer and a voice professional, and are on the fence about getting one of these masks, I'd highly recommend for you to get one. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments section below.  Happy travels!