The Tour Bubble

It's a strange mental state, being on tour. Although social media are everywhere these days, and you can pretty much find a cafe in any town that has the coveted free wifi, my mind can't take in what happens outside the daily touring routine. I'm not sure if other musicians feel the same way, but for me, every minute of every day rotates around the current and next gig. Scheduling prep time, gargling, steaming, when to drink my last coffee, driving, setting up, warming up, make-up. When to eat - a difficult decision for a vocalist. As a band leader I also need to make sure that my band members are fed, have a place to sleep and are generally taken care of.

This tour is somewhat different, as I am not the sole leader of the band. There's actually three of us, and luckily we complement each other quite nicely. This takes quite a lot of weight off my shoulders. Still - there's really no room in my head for socializing. I can only imagine what the outside perception of a person would be who is trying to have a conversation with me during this time. Can't be fulfilling. I'm generally sporting a vague smile, while mentally and physically either recovering from the last or prepping for the upcoming show.

So please forgive me if I'm not my usual, fluffy self, when I'm on the road. I'm really not present. I'm in the tour bubble. Until the last gig is done and I finally get my well deserved drink. You can talk to me then, and I swear, I'll actually listen.

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