The Road Comes To An End

Two days left. Two shows - and then the "Christmas In July" Tour 2011 is over.
The world has moved on while I am suspended in tour bubble land. Catastrophes have happened, world leaders have died. Who knows what the future - or even tomorrow - brings. I do not have power over the big things, at least not in an imminent way.

All I can do is take note of the world, be compassionate and involved (mentally, spiritually, possibly monetarily - budget allowing), take a breath and prepare for my next gig. It's what I do.

So tonight we'll play a place called "Herzblut" in Bocholt. The name translates to "blood of the heart", and apparently the owner has already bought 50 santa hats to enhance the audience's Christmas cheer. Yodwy! Maybe I'll put one on as well, if the fancy strikes me.

And tomorrow - ah, tomorrow! We'll end the tour in Berlin at B-Flat, after a long drive through the forecast rain (thankfully - it could have been snow!!!). I'm looking forward to seeing friends I don't get to hang with nearly often enough, to playing this fun fun program one more time with this really excellent band, and to a glass of prosecco with my friend and vocalist colleague Alexa Rodrian.

A shout-out to the touring band is in order here:
A (slightly pre-mature) thank-you to Axel Fischbacher and Walter Fischbacher, my two partners in this particularly devious recording/touring scheme.
To Nico Brandenburg on bass, and to Ulf Stricker on drums!
Let's make the last two shows as fun and musically fulfilling as the 10 that went before.

Happy holidays! Peace, love and good fortune in the upcoming year!

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