The Independent Artist

When I was little, maybe about 6 years old, I had this dream of becoming a vocalist. In fact, I can't remember not wanting to be a vocalist. The jazz bit was a later development. But I digress...
So. I was 6 years old and had these grand ideas of having a label (well, maybe awareness of labels came a few years later), making albums, touring, performing on TV, having a manager. You know, fairy tale land of a 6-year-old.

Flash forward to the latter half of 2011.
Reality check:
I make albums.
I go on tour.
I have performed on TV. And live radio.

I produce/fund said albums.
I book most of my gigs myself.
I am my own graphic designer. Too bad I can't take my own photos...
I fund/enable my own promotion.
I'm also - to some extent - my own mixing engineer.
Heck - I even own a bloody recording studio.
And I teach.
And write.
And practice.
You know. Musician things...

So, I guess, all that's missing, really, is my own venue (lord help me!).

But I am not alone in this. Here's a shout-out to all my singer/musician/writer friends, who stand with me, in the trenches, every day. This is what we chose to do. It's so much harder than I ever thought, especially as a 6-year-old. And yes, it's true. Nobody is holding a gun to my head, forcing me to struggle on. But every time I am ready to just lay down, give up and let the powers that be roll over me I think about what I would rather do. The answer to that question so far has always been - nothing. I sing. I write. I tour. I create. It's who I am. It's who we are. I am honored to continue putting one foot in front of the other with my fellow artists. To add my color to the weave of this life, come rain or shine, warts and all.

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