"Christmas In July"

My new CD "Christmas In July" - THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM is mastered. The graphics are done, and promotional copies are being manufactured in a mystical land called New Jersey, as I write this. The drop date has been set - somewhat randomly I admit, at November 15th, at which date, if the stars disperse their beneficial light in just the right angle, the real thing will have been printed up and shipped to me from my label in Germany. (oh, that rhymes!!!)

And thus the promotion cycle begins. My bank account yawns blearily at me, as I try to extract another nickel from its dark recesses, and the evil credit card man is waiting around the corner with his long sharp knife, ready to extract tribute for the debt I might have to incur in order to give this little baby a chance in the harsh, big world out there. But wait - check incoming! Phew! So I whisper my incantation to the credit card man, and he dissolves into a poisonous puddle of quicksilver, while my bank account sighs a short lived sigh of relief and burps a small, green, bubble.

Yes, I am now on the dark side of the moon, having just wandered through the creative process of making an album. This phase is a whole lot less fun but, as stated above, necessary. And while I hunker down here in the dark and wait for the light of creativity to shine its rainbow colors on my sun-starved skin yet again, a part of my brain is already plotting and scheming as to what I might do next. And the part of my mind that is responsible for perseverance keeps chanting "abundance abundance abundance" into my inner ear - which is, admittedly, somewhat annoying but probably unavoidable.

The moon will keep turning and soon, so soon, I will yet again burst into the light on the other side. But in the meantime I shall promote "Christmas In July" and allow whatever crazy, lurking ideas to gestate in the dark, so that they may burst forth, when their time comes.

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  1. Elisabeth

    I am so looking forward to this Christmas CD, can-not wait