It's All Chris Tarry's Fault

Yep. If somebody is to blame for my foray into writerdom it's Chris Tarry. Look him up. He's a cool dude who writes killer short stories and is a phenomenal bass player and dedicated Brooklynite. Here's his website.

Anyway...he gave me an early draft of his novel to read in the summer of 2010, I think. And unwittingly rekindled an old, old passion I had for writing. Like so many other people on this Earth, I have been a closeted fiction writer all my life, starting with fairy tales at the age of 10, continuing with poems throughout my teenage years - and be honest here - who hasn't written love drenched ditties at the age of seventeen?

But my love for music pulled me toward songwriting, which I incidentally also started dabbling in at age 10. I love love love music and anything to do with singing, so I went down the musician road. Of course, when you're a musician, you never really stop writing. There is your bio, your press release, your husband's bio, your husband's press release. The whole thing translated into German, etc.

But then Chris Tarry came along with his brand spanking new novel, and it blew my hidden writer's existence wide open. Suddenly I looked more closely at that book idea that had been ruminating in my head for years, and I started fantasizing about writing it down. But I was frightened pantsless. How could I possibly write an entire book? I was used to song lyrics, some maybe 8 lines long.

But with much encouragement from my friend and formidable writer CO Moed (check out her wonderful blog here: ) who kept cheering me through my very, very first draft, I did come up with the origin version of "Billie Lupescu: Wormhole". Needless to say, the book has gone through several massive transitions, and I am now on my third tabula rasa page one rewrite. But it's a fascinating journey.

So, thanks, Chris! Now I have another baby to fret over at night.

Who inspired you to create? To dance, to act, sing, get over yourself and shine a light on that long festering idea of yours?

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