Hello, Silence, My Old Friend

Sometimes, when the studio is open, I sit in the soundproof live room, in the silence. It's what attracted me to the studio in the first place. I could actually, honest to god, hear the blood rush in my ears. And not much else.

I'm pretty used to noise. You've got to be when you live in New York City. And as a recording studio owner - forgetaboutit!

I am also married to a pianist who tends to practice in the morning when I am getting my writing done. I've gotten pretty good at phasing his practice out of my consciousness, but recently he started practicing licks in odd meters. Try writing to that!

So, in lieu of a silent room I have to escape into a room made of sound, out of necessity. But the sound room must not have any words, or rhythm, or discernible melodies, really. I find all of that distracting. No, the walls of my sound room tend to be made of dare-I-say new-agey stuff that consists of sound layers, maybe some ocean waves sprinkled in and not much else. It's the next best thing to sitting in the live room of my recording studio, the room within the room that allows me to breathe and NOT hear anything, so i don't have to listen.


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