Vocal Workshop Hilden Impressions

What was going to happen was this: we (my voice coach colleague Manfred Billmann and myself) were going to do our damnedest to help the participants of this workshop have a fabulous time expressing themselves through singing, AND putting a show together after three (!!!) days. The participants were game! We warmed up, warmed up some more, worked on many solo performances and a group piece, and, in the end, did our show at the Blue Note in Hilden. The show ended on a high note, with just about everybody in the room singing and dancing along. And then we slept. (Oh, and by the way, the rakish fella with the red guitar is the mastermind behind the whole thing: Axel Fischbacher!)

If any of the participants would like me to add their foto to the blog drop me a line, and I'll do so. (Photos by Harald W. Degener)

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