The Independent Artist - Part 2

One-hundred-and-twenty-one mailers. Each one of them containing a copy of my latest baby - "Christmas In July". Sent out to press people all over the country. Hand-stuffed by yours truly, with a press release wrapped around them and extra postage stickered on the envelope, because quoted me the wrong fee.

In a couple of weeks I'll start in on the radio promotion - another three-hundred envelopes to stuff - hoping that my promo copies won't outsell me on amazon and ebay this time around (the cover boasts the "promotional copy - not for sale" warning. so watch out, people who illegally sell promo copies online for 99 cents: it's really bad karma to do that!).

And then - off to the strange bubble that is touring. In the winter. In Austria and Germany. Oh the snow, the autobahn, the Verlängerter (espresso with milk), the shows and the audiences. Looking forward. It´s going to be a good one :)

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