Can't talk, am busy obsessing about my Beethoven wrath wrinkle

Age-defying creams, make-up, injections, chemical peels, laser treatments infra-red light exposure and on and on and on...
What is so terrible about looking one's age? Why the obsession with "defying" the aging process? I've got news for you: you can't.
But we get so inundated - or more bombarded with messages to the contrary (Buy this, use that, inject that) that we are wholly and thoroughly distracted from the things that give meaning to our lives. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself here. But I for one feel that I simply don't have the time or head space to dedicate myself to a sisyphusian uphill-battle that would only pull me away from the more important, urgent, business of creating. There. I now have created a blog obsessing about the very thing I pledged not to obsess about. I am stopping now. Nuf said.


  1. you can nuf all you want, El, but the minute I get some serious cash I'm stuffing myself with every remedy injections can buy. In the meantime, a trip to Target for our fav cream?????????

  2. This is so a propos...had to add it. Thanks, Claire!