Yesterday we had the long planned rehearsal for my show at Kitano here in New York this Wednesday. The pianist was running late due to the very scary word "Flood" in his text informing me of his tardiness. The drummer rode his bicycle from Bed Sty to midtown Manhattan and arrived drenched - as if he had just witnessed said flood. Hmmm...But he had a bag of dried apricots in tow, so the world was a beautiful place again. I ended up playing piano and singing at the beginning of the rehearsal - oh well...but eventually everybody was present and working intensely for 2.5 hours to make it through as much music.
I am very very much looking forward to this show, it will be incredibly fun and musically exciting, can't wait.
Come out and see us!

Joel Frahm, saxophone
Bruce Barth, piano
Evan Gregor, bass
Jordan Perlson, drums

Wednesday, May 11th, sets at 8pm and 10pm
Hotel Kitano
New York City
For reservations: 212-885-7119

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