Happiness First!

Radical? - possibly. Impossible? I don't think so.
Consciously committing to happiness before and above all has been an interesting experiment for me. Let's call this unconditional happiness. This is not the "I will be happy when..." version of happiness. OR the "If only...then..." kind.
This is the kind that I commit to, right now, without a back-door, without rules or reasons. It is also the kind that comes with letting go of judgments in even the smallest circumstances, the tiniest encounters. Just accept whatever comes as it is, with no "story" attached, no proof that this is either really "good" or really "bad" for me.
It is the kind where I have a constant barometer built into my psyche that points to where I am at any given moment in the possibility department. Do I feel that things are possible, and my life therefore limitless, or has the needle dipped below the red line and my mind screams "Just give up already and start whining!"? In which case I immediately start thanking the subway, indoor plumbing, Skype and my cat.
It's an interesting experiment. And - well, actually fun! And for some strange reason I feel quite happy about it. :)

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