Bass traps for my spaceship

A guy from Maryland made fifteen - read my lips - FIFTEEN custom build bass traps for our studio. He decided that he wanted to shepherd his babies to safety himself and was going to drive up from Maryland with his truck, practically hand delivering the boxy things. But it has been an active winter, and twice his efforts were thwarted. Twice we had marked the studio as "booked for the bass trap guy", alas, to no avail. But in the end, he did show up, and he even installed the first one. Made little plaques with the studio logo on them and placed one on each of his bass traps. He had even made a song during the process of making them that he sent to Walter. Cute song, too. So now the control room in Studio A looks like a spaceship, and when you're in there you just have to take off into the stratosphere and beyond, buffeted by a clean, slap-delay-free sound.

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