Licensing - a little bit tricky but not that hard

On Saturday I successfully sent off my new CD to the duplicator, after a whole day of detective work on obtaining mechanical licenses for the songs I'm covering on my new CD. Most of them were fairly easy, but then there was that elusive Beatles tune. The Beatles song book has been sold and auctioned off more times than I cared to know before I ventured into this publishing mess. And part of me wanted to not even bother digging any deeper, but I felt compelled to track down the licensing people in essence for purely egotistical reasons - good karma. I believe in the protection of intellectual property. If ever somebody would like to cover one of my songs and include them on their record, I would, of course, feel deeply honored. AND I would like to be paid for it. So I'm just hoping that if that day comes there will still be a viable version of Intellectual Property protection in existence, and there will be those who respect another person's creative output enough to go through the motions. So there. Now I'm still waiting to hear back from HFA on that last, elusive tune...

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