A Transatlantic Radio Interview

Technology - the enabler of communication across oceans, has made it possible for myself and Walter Fischbacher to do a radio interview with Volkmar Theil for Freies Radio Salzkammergut in Austria - via skype. The interview, interwoven with music from our respective bodies of work, will air on December 8th, the start of our "Christmas In July" tour, at 9pm. If you would like to tune in (and are in the Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria at that time), the hour-long show will air at 9pm. You can also listen to it streaming on the radio station's website at www.freiesradio.at once it is posted there.

In this interview you will get answers to burning questions such as what possessed us to make a Christmas album, why I made an album with the title "Songs Of Love And Destruction" and - gasp - what meaning does the Christmas holiday really have for myself and Walter. And of course the ultimate question: Will we stay in New York like FOREVER or are we planning on moving back to the old country anytime soon? (Ask me again after the next election...)
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