My Studio On Tin Pan Alley

I think I've mentioned this before but - you know - I own a recording studio. On 28th Street. In New York City. 28th and Broadway, for the uninitiated, is Tin Pan Alley "the name given to the collection of New York City music publishers and songwriters who dominated the popular music of the United States in the late 19th century and early 20th century." according to wikipedia. The name originally referred to a specific place: West 28th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, and a plaque on the sidewalk on 28th Street between Broadway and Sixth commemorates it. Although I think, lately that plaque has been covered up by a garbage can.

The building that houses my - ok - OUR studio (I own it with my partner in life, crime and other endeavors, Walter Fischbacher) is one of the last ones standing from a by-gone era of grime, dirt and lead paint. Many a client has felt the chill of the rumored ghosts that haunt this building, and there have been two ghost sightings to my knowledge. So the place is perfect to get the creative juices flowing, and we haven't had rats in the building in years.

Gentrification is gnawing away at the edges of our block, and already the building at the corner is being gutted and re-imagined as a swanky hotel, and the developers are huffing and puffing their way towards buying out everything in sight, but so far our place holds. For how long - we don't know.

But for now we work hard at expanding our wall of fame with CDs by artists who have recorded, mixed or mastered here. Maybe, if we're really, really lucky, we'll cover the entire green room this way.


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