Christmas In July Tour

The preparations are in full swing. I've been shedding the repertoire like a mother!@#%$% but can't remember the Swedish lyrics to save my life. As usual, I am looking forward to the tour and am, at the same time, completely and utterly mortified - you know, a vocalist.

On Friday we'll have our CD release bash at Lofish Studios. Ulf Stricker, the drummer, has hopped across the ocean to play the show, Johannes Weidenmueller will join us on bass. And then it's packing, tying up loose ends (making sure the studio is in good hands, everybody gets paid, the New School students get closure from the trauma of their last Ear Training class - kudos for fabulous compositions by the way!!!, giving my private students something to practice for the next month etc...).

Then on to the tour. 12 shows for 12 songs, or maybe 13, since I have now written a Christmas song that might make its way into the set. Christmas in Austria with the family for the first time in - I don't care to remember.

And in January, first thing: The New Year's Jazz Voice Workshop in Hilden, Germany!
Ah - yes. Must prepare for that as well...

Tour Itinerary:
12/8/11: Tunnel, Vienna/A
12/9/11: Beim Beppi, Marchegg/A
12/10/11: Musikschule St. Georgen i. A./A
12/11/11: Musikschule Pregarten/A
12/12/11: ORG der Schulschwestern, Vöcklabruck/A
12/13/11: Baumann Glas, Baumgartenberg/A
12/15/11: Jazzkeller Krefeld/D
12/16/11: Capjojazz Hilden/D
12/17/11: Destille Düsseldorf/D
12/20/11: Wiedthalgymnasium, Neustadt bei Wied/D
12/21/11: Herzblut Bocholt/D
12/22/11: B-Flat Berlin/D


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