Music and writing - same animal, different colors.

I'm very lucky in having been able to pursue my dream of being a professional jazz vocalist and songwriter. When I'm on the tour bus I read a lot, and I'm always excited to discover new stories to follow, new characters to root for, suffer and rejoice with. I love creating things, be it songs, albums, concerts. Or stories. It seemed like a natural fit, when I set out to add "novelist" to my long list of professional activities (studio owner, voice coach, college professor, touring and recording musician), but really, there is quite a learning curve involved.

In this blog, as its title suggests, I will focus on my travails in the realms of music and writing - oh, and by the way, I like fantasy, science fiction, anything speculative fiction-y. That's also the genre I write in, if we have to put a label on things.

I intend to post weekly with notes from my great experiments, my victories and failures - well, hopefully more victories and failures, and my endless process of learning by trial and error.

I live in New York City with my musician husband and my two cats who don't do anything at all.


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