The Concert That Almost Wasn't

An eighteen-wheeler almost foiled our best laid plans for a fun, special show at the Zinc Bar. Fellow vocalist and friend Beat Kaestli and I had planned, booked and rehearsed for a double feature show and were ready to go on. The sound had been checked, the new piano admired (nice one, Zinc people!!!) and the camera set up for some footage to be used later for the all-important youtube clip. But Fred Kennedy, the drummer, and Matt Wigton, the bass player, had not yet surfaced from their drive into the city from Queens. Stuck on the Queensboro Bridge, was the last verdict I had heard. Friends and music lovers had taken their seats, drinks had been served, and I was contemplating breaking my rule and having a drink BEFORE the show, and still - no bass and drums. Eventually we decided to start as a trio, with just the pianist, Walter Fischbacher. Beat, in a last ditch effort, called the guys one more time, and finally, finally, they were just outside, parking. They did their sound check in ultra light speed, and, with only a 15 minute delay, we went on.
Fun was had, music was made and all ended well. And I had a lovely drink AFTER the show, as usual.
Photo by CO Moed


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