Billie Lupescu

My elevator pitch:

Billie Lupescu, the titular heroine of my urban fantasy novel, Billie Lupescu: Wormhole, is a vamp-wolf: half vampire, half werewolf. She is also a self proclaimed “guardian of the night”, protecting humans from the opportunistic and dangerous advances of creatures from the “Other World”. A fierce recluse who doesn’t play well with others due to her highly unpredictable mood swings, lust for blood and general grouchiness, she finds herself coerced to help Detective Adrian Smith in his investigation of a string of shapeshifter attacks all over New York City. With the help of her sidekick Flux, a demon from a parallel universe, and Jacques Noirefoi, an old foe who cannot be trusted, she must learn to work with allies and enemies alike to stop a villainous plot that threatens the existence of her hometown.

Status update: 5/12/13:
Finished my rewrite a week ago. I am now in the editing phase and am shooting for a release date in the late summer. Stay tuned for more updates!

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