A Sales/Downloads Report for "A Walk in the Park"

As my experiment with self-publishing continues here's my first report of how things are going. Well: during my freebie give-away days on Mother's day and Mother's Monday my story actually got downloaded 131 times - definitely quite a bit more than just friends and family. So that's nice. However the sales side looks a bit more dire. In short, so far the thing doesn't sell. Which was to be expected. I am not spending a huge amount of time or money on promoting my short story. I love it and do believe that with time it will find its readers. I also really love the cover! It captures the mood of the story so nicely and completely, that I fell head over heels in love with it when I first saw it.

I will continue to do some promotion for the story, make use of all of my 5 free days I have via KDP Select and see if more people will download and hopefully read it. For me, this small endeavor has already paid off. Not financially - oh well - but from an experience standpoint. I had never published anything before other than my music CDs, and the process there is somewhat different.

Here are some of the mistakes I made:

1. I didn't realize it takes Amazon about 12 hours to process a newly uploaded book.

2. I didn't check what category my book worked in best, especially considering that the categories on Amazon are not the same for print and kindle books.

3. My links at the end of my e-book were not clickable.

4. The first round of uploads I accidentally entered my editor's name as the author, so that wasn't going to work.

And before that it took me about a day to figure out the conversion of my Scrivener file into a .mobi file exactly how I wanted it to look. My tip for anybody who has never done this: Get the kindle app on your computer, and look at the book there, on your actual kindle AND your smart phone. Different things show up in different devices.

Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes and avoid some while you come up with your own set :)

If you did download "A Walk in the Park" and read it, please swing by Amazon to leave a review. It's much appreciated and extremely helpful.

What were some of your pitfalls the first time around? Please feel free to share below!

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